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Police Body Cameras: Will They Really Protect Citizens?

By Roberta Stellick

I recently watched the video of the University of Cincinnati’s officer-involved shooting of Samuel DuBose, which played a role in the officer’s indictment. The incident was one of many over the past year that triggered commentary about how such cameras affect police actions and decision-making.

But discussions about how such cameras will affect the actions and decisions of the citizens the police come into contact with are still hard to find.

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Whose Justice Is It?

By James M. Doyle

The phrase “criminal justice system” is everywhere, but no one working in—or writing about—the system day-to-day spends much time debating what sort of “system” this system might actually be.

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Should the AG Look Outside BOP For Its New Director?

By Margaret Colgate Love

The bottom line is this: Appointing an outsider by itself is not going to solve any of the institutional problems that in recent years have limited Bureau of Prisons' capacity and will to innovate. As long as BOP is housed in an agency whose criminal justice agenda is influenced if not determined by prosecutors, these problems will persist no matter how stellar the individual selected as its leader.

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Obama Focuses on Drug Felons: What About the Rest of Us?

By Jeremy Busby

President Barack Obama should be commended for his recent attempts to highlight the inequities of the criminal justice system.

On July 16, he became the first sitting U.S. president to visit a prison, a federal facility in El Reno, Oklahoma.  And he has called for the release of people serving long sentences for non-violent drug crimes.

But what about the rest of us, including those serving time for violent crimes—and especially those who might be innocent?

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The Media After Ferguson: Still Ignoring the Failures

By William H. Freivogel

The Justice Department's twin reports on Ferguson this March raised two disturbing questions about the media.

• How did so many news organizations fail for so long to realize that “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was a myth?

• How did so many news organizations fail for so many years to uncover deeply unconstitutional police and court practices?

One hopes those questions would prompt soul-searching. For the most part, they haven’t. 

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California and the Death Penalty

By Michele Hanisee

The world contains extremely dangerous and evil people who cannot be deterred by threat of incarceration.  I'm not talking about the average gang murder or robbery gone bad.  I am talking about the people who rape infants to death; who kidnap, torture, rape and murder children; who target police officers in the line of duty; who kill not just one, but a half dozen or dozen or more innocent victims in serial and mass murders.

Such people are the reasons why California still needs a death penalty.

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Punishing Criminals Won’t Solve our Real Crime Problem

By William Kelly

Milwaukee, New Orleans, St. Louis, Chicago and Houston have all seen murders spike this year.  Nor is Baltimore alone in framing the official response to increased violence  as a “fight against crime,”—which naturally places the responsibility for addressing it on the criminal justice system and, in particular on local law enforcement.  Since police represent the front line in the “fight against crime,” they have been the primary agents tasked with fixing the problem.

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