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Is Robbing a Pizzeria a Federal Crime?

By Matthew T. Mangino

Imagine Elliot Ness in trench coat and fedora tracking down a guy who went into the neighborhood drug store with a stocking over his face and held up the clerk. That was not the stuff of “G-men:” the Feds went after mobsters, corrupt politicians and bank robbers, not neighborhood thugs. Small-fry robberies were the business of local gumshoes. 

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Blanket Spying on Muslims ‘Makes Us Less Safe’

By Faiza Patel

When Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he was dropping New York City’s challenge to a law that makes it easier to sue police for racial and religious profiling, it was the second piece of good news for minorities in his tenure so far. Earlier, de Blasio abandoned the city’s appeal in the stop-and-frisk litigation, effectively conceding that the policies of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) targeted minority men.

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Hierarchy of Needs

By Erik Roskes

While my family and I hunkered down during the recent snowstorm, I thought about the many things that most readers of this blog likely take for granted.  We were comfortable, warm, and well fed.  We had entertainment, work that provides meaning to our lives, and the benefit of each other’s company and support.

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The Paradigm Shift in Criminal Justice

By James M. Doyle

We may look back on 2014 as the year in which the criminal justice system finally agreed to see itself as a system.

Of course we have always used the phrase “criminal justice system,” but we usually have only a vague ecosystem in mind:  something like a pond or a swamp, where choices made on the near coast produce mysterious unanticipated consequences on the far shore. This mindset warps the way we diagnose our problems.

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Cybercrime and Probation: Out of the Loop

By Art Bowker

Over the years, society has become much more technologically dependent. Computers and Internet access have become not only widespread but generally essential to everyday life. Courts, recognizing technology’s role in today’s society, have also become increasing reluctant to impose wholesale computer or Internet prohibitions on offenders. As an alternative, courts have gravitated towards conditions that authorize computer searches and/or monitoring.

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