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Puerto Rico Fights Escalating Violence; Murder Rate Six Times U.S. Figure

February 7, 2013 08:12:34 am
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Puerto Rico's per capita murder rate is six times that of the U.S. as a whole, reports NPR. With violence escalating, many residents are considering joining the thousands of others who have already fled the island for brighter and safer opportunities. The island's police superintendent, Hector Pesquera, says tackling the crime problem has been a challenge. Before he ran the police force, responsible for the entire island of more than 3.5 million people, Pesquera spent years leading the FBI bureau in Miami.

The picture wasn't pretty when he returned to Puerto Rico. He came home to a fleet of police cars in despair, aging equipment, and officers arrested for corruption. Drug cartels, he says, were also moving their businesses to the island from Mexico. "Plus, unfortunately, we broke the all-time record for murders [in 2011]," he says. "We had 1,136, I believe." It's a record that Pesquera and his team are trying to combat. "We had 186, 187 less murders, so we're slowly making a dent," he says. Pesquera says political muscle is needed to make the case to Washington that solving the drug and crime problems here will help people on the mainland.

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Posted by Eliud Rodriguez
Monday, November 18, 2013 08:37

Executive order has to come from W D C if not Puerto Rico will die get rid of the scum that dirties the island you must implement the death penalty this directed to Governor Padilla if you do not the crime wave will never end. And you don’t want to stop crime judges, lawyers, prosecutors, correction officials would be out of work so let the blood keep dripping out of your hands if one looks at Puerto Rico from the sky all you see is the color red the green is gone the flamboyant trees are not glowing the water from the ocean not blue but red so if you care that much how come you politicians are not asking for help from U S A cause you don’t care you don’t care and you will never give a shit who dies as long as your pockets are filled with US dollars you are not going to stop anything all you politicians care about is how much US dollars you are going to fill your pockets with put the death penalty make it a police state and see if crime decreases and pilot program will not work government for people not people for government stop the crime wave now death penalty now .

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